Exhibition Schedule


2016 Exhibition Schedule 

Feb 20  Ceramics Invitational 

April30  Randy Maxin & Mark Yasenchack 

June 17/18  Unbeknownst...

July 23 Cityscapes

September 23  Soft Sculpture curated by Randy Maxin

October 22  Miniatures

December 10 Winter OpenHouse

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July 28th, 2012: Brian Sarama & Jeff Yost

Opening at River Gallery, Saturday July 28, 2012, 3-7pm

Extended run through October 13, 2012

Jeff Yost, paintings     Click on name to see gallery of exhibited works

Brian Sarama, ceramic wall platters     Click on name to see gallery of exhibited works

Despite working in different materials on entirely different forms Sarama and Yost’s work share an inscrutable perspective and an incredible attention to composition.

Having just finished his MFA at Kent State University Brian Sarama will be exhibiting new work that builds off the imagery seen in his work in the Ceramics Invitational.  Seemingly unrelated images are layered and over-lapped, breaking down the recognizable forms into shapes and color.

Jeff Yost’s new work, still inspired by the arcane hours of twilight and dusk, are now visited by fleeting shadows, birds in flight and the illumination of man-made structures.  His landscapes of a nocturnal world conceal more than they reveal but remain serene, the viewer often wishing to step into them.

This exhibition will run through October 13, 2012.  Click on name to see gallery of exhibited works