Exhibition Schedule

 2015 Exhibition Schedule

February 7, Saturday from 3-7pm
10th Annual Ceramic Invitational

April 25 Photography Invitational
May Jewelry Exhibition 
June Jeff Yost & TBA
July 25 CityScapes
September 19 Miniatures
October Couples
November 21 Winter Collection Opens
December 12 Winter OpenHouse
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Framing, French matting, restoration and installation. Ask us about what these terms mean and how they can relate to preservation, protection and celebration of fine art! 


Current Exhibition


Opening Saturday, June 14th, 3-7pm

Lainard Bush, paintings     Chadd Lacy, glass

River Gallery is thrilled to have new work by Chadd Lacy & Lainard Bush to herald in our summer season.

Lainard Bush  |  ARTIST  STATEMENT   While my paintings share a kinship with the primal art of tribal cultures and the sacred geometries of spiritual traditions and reflect the circuitries of the modern Cyber Age, and while current trends and art theories are of intellectual interest to me, when it comes to my own art and the process of its creation, my primary inspiration and motivation to paint originates from deep within.

 I usually begin painting without much forethought. There is little planning other than the marking off of a simple grid, which serves as an anchor and skeletal framework. What follows is an organic process of rapidly building up and removing layers of color. Guided by the grid, the gestural application of paint alternates with repeated masking. As 
I become deeply immersed in this process, fully engaged, and sharply focused, my awareness of time and self vanishes. Gradually the grid evolves into intricate patterns, which demarcate smaller worlds within the macrocosm of the canvas. I continue refining until the painting arrives at completion in a state of dynamic balance.

 My paintings can be viewed as embodiments of an aesthetic paradise, both in idea and experience. The original meaning of the word paradise was walled garden. Like a beautiful and complex garden, each completed canvas is a 
self-contained universe that invites one to take a visually journey of playful exploration. The painting's intricate patterns, in a rhythmic, serial fashion, urge the eye forward across the luminous and textured surface and into depths containing lushly colored, highly detailed, and precisely composed passages. Should that journey include a glimmer of paradise, it has been a journey of revelation as well.


Chadd Lacy  |  ARTIST  STATEMENT    This body of work draws influence from nature, as well as mans effect on it. The vessels are reminiscent of a carved piece of wood, utilizing both the look of bark and the underlying pattern found on the heartwood of a tree. Other works present the raincloud as an object in a domestic setting. They create a quiet scene of the outside world inside the space where they are presented. In all this body aims to use nature and growth as a tool to create functional forms. It balances untouched natural form with that of carved, man-made form.