Exhibition Schedule

 2015 Exhibition Schedule

February 7, Saturday from 3-7pm
10th Annual Ceramic Invitational

April 25 Photography Invitational
June Jeff Yost & Ikuko Miklowski
July 25 CityScapes
September 19 Miniatures
October Couples
November 21 Winter Collection Opens
December 12 Winter Open House
Custom Framing Services

Framing, French matting, restoration and installation. Ask us about what these terms mean and how they can relate to preservation, protection and celebration of fine art! 


Current Exhibition


Miniatures: Jewelry & Diminuitive Objects

As part of River Gallery’s 20th Anniversary year we present:
Miniatures: A Collection of Jewelry & Small Works
Opening Saturday Sept. 20,2014, 3–7 pm.

This exhibit runs through December 2014.

Featuring work by 40 artists:
Annie Becker *
Judith Brandon
Jason Carroll
Nancy Cintron
David Derrig
Adrienne DiSalvo *
Robb Durr *
Patti Fields *
Patty Flauto
Matthew Gallagher *
Susan Gallagher
Arthur Gnecco *
Yumiko Goto
Alexander Haines *
Cynde Hujarski *
Lauralee Hutson
Lisa Kenion
Chadd Lacy
Lynne Lofton
Theresa Loomis*
Jessica Maloney
Linda Merchant *
Ikuko Miklowski
Alan Mintz
Jamilla Naji *
Martin O'Connor *
Pam Pastorik *
Campbell Paxton
Joy Praznik
John Ranally
Michael Romanik
James Ruby
Francine Ruth
Kim Schoel
Lisa Schonberg
Faye Simmonds*
Carol Snyder
Dawn Tekler
Daiv Whaley *
Rhona Williams*
Clara Wolverton*
Mark Yasenchack
Jeff Yost
*artists new to River Gallery