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"I see our skin as having the same story-telling potential as the ceramic surfaces I develop. Ultimately, I view these “marks” as having the capacity to be both formally beautiful and to suggest changes that have taken place over time. "

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"Light infuses the work through the translucent character of the porcelain. Colors change, blend and oppose based on the visual response of each piece to its luminous environment. 
Much of the imagery Curtis uses is constructed from repeat patterning. This fascination with creating complexity out of essential simplicity is at the core of all his work."

"My sculptures are a marriage of recycled items and clay. Each piece is envisioned and sketched beforehand because the fact that the clay shrinks as it goes from wet stage to permanently hard must be taken into consideration. It becomes an act of faith in my own skills since I cannot see the finished sculpture until its parts are joined."

Brouillard Technological Mythos

"My current works are built on the foundations of my early work and are fueled by the desire to follow both old and new paths.  I work in a variety of ceramic and other craft studio related materials but use the local industrial background of my Cleveland Studio as a source of images and subject matter.  I also work in a more traditional manner with stoneware and porcelain to make dinnerware and domestic pottery."

"In my latest work, I have begun focusing on creating a set of asymmetrical forms by using elements of chaos theory. I am intrigued by the potential range of unpredictable – though not random – forms that can be achieved by introducing the slightest variances into organic shapes in the initial phases of the process." 

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"The plasticity and versatility of clay as medium appeals to her and she likens her forms to blank canvases for decoration. Studio pottery made in this fashion is both a science and an art. The reduction firing process itself is not totally predictable and so the experience and technical skill gained over her years as a ceramicist are communicated by the achievement of her forms and glazes which read like expressionistic paintings."

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"Creative talent ran through three generations of my family, and I was fortunate to grow up in an artistic community. Although I began with an interest in drawing and painting, I explored new mediums and found a love for clay, and started using it as a functional canvas for my drawings."

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"Creative talent ran through three generations of my family, and I was fortunate to grow up in an artistic community. Although I began with an interest in drawing and painting, I explored new mediums and found a love for clay, and started using it as a functional canvas for my drawings."

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"Art is my foundation to explore and express how the natural world shapes and is shaped by the human experience. Clay speaks to me like no other media. Strength and texture combine into organized shapes and random attitudes that enables me to reveal my world. My connection to clay stems from its relationship to the earth. This simple material touches everyone everyday."

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"Artists and craftspeople are filters, that selectively collect and distill ideas, images, and artifacts ultimately producing an output that energizes communities.  While questioning themselves and their spheres it is imperative for artists to draw on multiple rich varied sources distilling those findings into singular set of questions and parameters for artistic production."

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"Producing functional work is a practice with focus on craftsmanship, all the while gaining understanding of material response and outcome. It provides the ultimate mindfulness I crave in working, as well as infusing a representation of the self in an object of use. Precious objects in the home have personal histories, attachments we create with them. They link themselves to our memories of time and place. The handmade embodies qualities of the maker, as well as the space and use in time it occupies."


"Drawing inspiration from cellular organisms, microscopic particles, and the geology of my environment, I welcome balance, symmetry, and precision into my pieces -- invoking the order and stillness that is found buried within life’s inevitable disarray."


"My artistic journey began growing-up in New England and exploring the Northeastern shores.   Inspired by my travels, the ocean became my passion and focus for painting and ceramic sculpture.  Diving and snorkeling opened me to a serene world beneath the waves."


"Paul Linhares is a central Ohio ceramic artist and professor.  He received his BFA in 1991 from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and his MFA in 2000 from West Virginia University.  He has been an adjunct ceramics professor at Mount Vernon Nazarene University since 2001."


"Families of White Tailed Deer parade through the yard, with the fawns prancing and playing and Mom nearby, always vigilant.  The Bucks look for trees to rub their velvety antlers on.  These resplendent creatures have completely captivated me.

They embody qualities that seem to be a perfect metaphor for human life:

Mysterious, serene, cautious, delicate, strong, shy, powerful, alert, sensitive, fragile, playful, and full of grace."


"My artwork is based on the research to understand what conditions bring compassion and in turn bring kindness. After designing many ceramic processes and exploring different research strategies I continually learn and unlearn about the differences of metaphorical and literal expression within visual languages."


"As an artist and designer, I strive to close the gap between craft and design. Blending hand work with digital and industrial processes, I focus on making multiples that can stand alone or become modules in an assembly of forms. Making parts, solving puzzles and constructing, I maximize what I have until the possibilities are exhausted. In all of my work a system may be applied to the process, or the resulting parts."

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"Fox Nicely is a potter native to Northeast Ohio. He has spent the past six years pursuing his love of functional pottery and honing his skills with the traditional processes used to make it. During his time at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Fox developed an interest in the process of wood-firing pottery and has since become an active member in Cleveland’s wood-fire community."


"Even though Art is increasingly becoming a theory-oriented field and art objects becoming investment commodities, I consider my pieces as sensuous objects as I would like the viewer to feel them by both sight and touch. It would be my great pleasure if the viewer can enjoy and appreciate my work rather than understand it."


"Though I was born and raised in a region rich in Japanese ceramics history and tradition; cities like Seto, Tokoname, and Tajimi are nearby, there were occasions I could not find pieces of the shapes, sizes and decorations I needed or liked. That’s why I started making my own pieces. I would be very happy if our pieces can bring enjoyment to people who use them."


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