Agnes Seebass

Artist Statement

"Rooted in 3 countries, my workshop is what makes me feel home regardless of where life takes me.
Entering in the timeless space of creating and fabricating in my studio is what I most love.
In my pieces I aim to transmit a certain calmness and thoughtfulness, while being spontaneous at the same time.
My personal challenge is to maintain a balance between a clear, playful or even intriguing expression on the one hand and a serene simplicity on the other hand.”

-Agnes Seebass


Agnes Seebass studied Jewelry Design & Techniques at the “Staatliche Zeichenakademie” in Hanau, Germany.
After finishing as a Goldsmith, she obtained a stipend from the German Government to do a master in Silversmithing in Mexico, where she learned inspiring techniques, which enriched her designs in many ways.
For almost 20 years Agnes had her Jewelry studio in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  In 2012 she moved with her family to Austin, Texas, where she still lives, creates and since 2018 also works as an instructor at a local jewelry school.
Agnes has participated in several exhibitions in Mexico and in the USA, including the major exhibitions “Maestros de la plata, William Spratling and the Mexican Silver Renaissance” and “La Frontera-The border” 
Some pieces have been published and 2 have won an award at the “Feria Nacional de la Plata” in Mexico.