Alice Allen

About the Artist

My interest in jewelry comes from the notion of how jewelry transforms the body it adorns; how we can arouse an array of emotional responses in those who make and wear it. Perhaps to complete a point of view, provoke confidence, or satisfy an emotional tug of the heart, this adornment gives a sense of completion.

Through my 25+ years of design, fine art education, and experience, I have explored this completion with what I like to call Modern Metals - a mixing of historical craftsmanship and styles. With hand fabrication, formation, and finishing, I can focus on approach and process while investigating jewelry's relationship to the body. By celebrating my muse, the Bauhaus focuses on balanced forms and the eclectic style of the Art Deco era; I explore unexpected combinations through this process of rhythm and repetition, heritage and experimentation. My jewelry is designed as a modern heirloom to wear, share and entrust. I am creating for all without reservations or limitations.

I graduated from Clemson University with a BFA in Fine Art, Converse College with a BFA in Interior Design, and recently completed a certification in Residential Building Construction. I worked as a Sculptor and Senior Interior Designer in NYC with global projects. In 2013 I moved to San Francisco to complete a Graduate Degree in Jewelry Design through the former Revere Academy under the tutelage of Alan Revere. Smith Mac launched in 2017.