Alison Fawcett

Artist Statement

"In a society of mass production, I encourage the users of my pots to slow down in their day to day lives to consider how their meal was produced, and in turn, how it will be served. I’m focused on the evident relationship between food and pottery, and the disconnection that can occur between their origins and final products. My work revolves around the ritual of a meal, including the preparation, serving, and display of food, as well as table adornment. My patterns are derived from plant and food growth specific to the object’s function. The process of making each form with its own unique pattern is essential in my search for individuality, while maintaining unity as a set."


I was born and raised in Medina, Ohio, where I first discovered my passion for art at a young age. I began with an interest in drawing and painting, but found a love for clay and pursued a career in ceramics. In 2017, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio. I am currently living in Dayton, Ohio, where I have been teaching middle school and high school ceramics at Stivers School for the Arts, as well as teaching community ceramics classes at Rosewood Arts Centre in Kettering, Ohio.