Pieces of Myself 2.png

Amanda Takacs

Artist Statement

I am a multidisciplinary artist with a focus in conceptual glass art. I am fascinated by the concept of soul and the ability of humans to be consciously aware of our psychological experiences. In my work, I aim to convey my dreams, feelings, images, sensations and realities through the glass pieces that I create, illustrating the feelings of my internal world. I use a combination of techniques including casting familiar objects in various mediums, blowing vessels that capture the essence of particular emotions, and including found objects to emphasize the ties between the viewer and the piece. Time is a crucial aspect of memory; the past can have a strong connection to our senses and emotions. Objects that we see, scents that we smell, or sounds that we hear can all trigger stored memories. My work allows the viewer to reflect upon a moment frozen in time and offers an open space to be filled by personal experiences.

Pieces of Myself.png