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David Fink

Ceramic Artist

David Fink

Raised near the shores of Lake Erie and the Rocky River Reservation, the beauty of water, its power and constant state of change has been my endless source for creative inspiration, particularly with respect to its erosive properties on rock and sand.

Following graduation from The Ohio State University in 1984, I spent time working for different production potters assisting in their entire business process. Eventually my business developed and grew, making and selling through summer art and craft fairs, as well as fulfilling gallery commissions from wholesale markets.

During the past 25 years, my wife Amy and I have raised 2 wonderful sons, Zachary and Joshua as I pursued a career in technology, while continuing to create, critique and refine my work in clay.

I'm fortunate to be expanding my body of work, creating solely from life's influences and inspiration from nature. My hope is that the connection I feel with each piece can be shared with you!

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