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Royce Hilderbrand

Ceramic Artist

Royce Hilderbrand

My work is driven by an infatuation with repetition. Consistency is on my mind throughout my process. By repeatedly stamping on my hand thrown forms I create geometric patterns to aggrandize each piece. 

My designs are derived from the geometric patterning on crystal-glass, stitching on quilts, button tufted upholstery and golf ball dimples. The feet and rims on my vessels are strongly defined, creating a framework to place my designs in. In order to accentuate the geometric patterning on each vessel I use glazes that will break and pool over the indented lines.

The final goal of each piece is to make it appear perfectly symmetrical, although the patterning process tends to lead to minor irregularities. My pots are for everyday use, yet also reflect a sense of refinement.  The ability to craft these beautiful objects for others to appreciate is what drives me to create my own voice in this timeless art form.

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