Audrey Aronson

About the Artist

For this body of work I was inspired by the seed germination process of breaking dormancy. Breaking dormancy refers to the phrase used to describe plant development in which seeds with particularly tough coatings are not able to germinate. This occurs even under favorable environmental conditions, unless this coating is weakened or removed. I interpret this idea as being self-protective to one’s own detriment. My work shows the dualities of protection and restraint and how these things relate to a desire to shed restrictions. A sense of vulnerability lies at the center of this protection and is shown to often be something that is obscured or unavailable without effort from the viewer. The materials I incorporate become integral to the work because of their relationship to these concepts and each other. Thinly networked glass indicates a personal fragility when combined with objects typically worn on the body, whereas the spalted wood in many of my pieces shows a physical manifestation of boundaries and restriction. In defiance of the constant appearance of self-control, this body of work consistently displays an emergence of growth and self-expression.


Audrey Aronson is a jewelry artist from the United States. She graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a BFA in 3D Studio Art and Art History and received her MFA in metalsmithing from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She is a SNAG member and has professional experience as a bench jeweler. Her work has recently been exhibited in several prestigious national and international exhibitions including, #Social2021 at the Czong Institute of Contemporary Art in South Korea, Romanian Jewelry Week 2022, and at the Best of 2022, Ohio Designer Craftsman traveling exhibition at the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus, Ohio.