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William Brouillard

Artist Statement

"I began my work in clay, studying with John Perri at the State University of Wisconsin, at Menomonie, Wisconsin. After serving in the armed forces I returned to Wisconsin to study with Don Reitz at The University of Wisconsin, Madison. I completed a MFA at Alfred University in 1976 and traveled to North Carolina and was a resident craftsman at the Penland School. After several years as a studio potter I taught ceramics at ETSU for a year and then returned to Penland School where I worked and taught till 1980.  I currently live and work in Cleveland Ohio. I have a studio in the old steel-making district and taught ceramics at The Cleveland Institute of Art  for36 years.

My work in clay and wood might best be described as uniformly eclectic. Like many students in ceramics, my early efforts were influenced by the words and works of the Bernard Leach, Soji Hamida pantheon. I knew from early on in my life, that I was a maker and I settled on clay as my primary material while in graduate school.

My current works are built on the foundations of my early work and are fuelled by the desire to follow both old and new paths.  I work in a variety of ceramic and other craft studio related materials but use the local industrial background of my Cleveland Studio as a source of images and subject matter.  I also work in a more traditional manner with stoneware and porcelain to make dinnerware and domestic pottery.  The variety of work keeps things interesting in the studio and allows me an outlet for ideas that might otherwise go unfulfilled."

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