Jewelry Invitational

Jewelry Invitational
Grand Opening November 10, 2018 from 3-7 pm
Exhibit runs through the holidays

Meet the Artists

  Argentieri received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1987 and also studied jewelry design at SACI in Florence, Italy.  Awarded the top Gund Scholarship for international travel. Her work has been acquired for the permanent collection of the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and is held in the Archives of the Vatican as well as other private collections. 

"I have developed a respect and appreciation for Asian aesthetics. In my work, this translates to my use of contrast; with line and shape, raised form elements and recessed engraved detail. The play of light and the use of empty space are also important aspects of my design, where there is a focus on asymmetry, odd-number combinations of visual elements, and subtle details."

"My approach to jewelry is informed by my background as a painter. Not having had formal training as a silver smith I came to making jewelry through through the discovery of metal clays which affords many artists to create miniature and wearable art/ sculptures. As with my painting, my jewelry addresses narrative themes revolving around the riches and beauty of life in all its diverse forms as well as some of the formidable aspects of our humanity."

"Working in the studio offers a certain stillness that is inspiring to me.  It is one of the few places where I can allow myself the time to stop and think and to create without purpose or practicality.


Color has always been my passion.  From the very beginning of my creative experience I have been drawn to color.  I use color as point of departure for all of my work, often starting with nothing else in mind but a group of colors or an unusual combination."

" Seventeen years ago I made myself some jewelry from my collection of beach glass. People requested that I make more, which I did, and suddenly I was making jewelry for a living. I even went back to school to increase the depth of my design capabilities. So that was the beginning of this chapter of my life! I love to create one of a kind pieces using beach glass, found and forgotten objects. I love being challenged by concepts and designs " 

"I've always been a collector of odd and wondrous little treasures. Over the years this has evolved into making new treasures out of old. I enjoy what I do, bringing the images in my mind into reality, and LOVE it when other people enjoy my creations as much as I do making them. 

I create hand crafted one-of-a-kind jewelry using vintage found and altered objects in combination with stones, pearls and mixed metals. Unique eclectic designs."

Hutson holds a BS, MS, and BFA from Cleveland Institute of Art receiving their Gund Award in 2001.Her work in jewelry, enamel and sculpture exhibits nationally and internationally and is in private collections. The natural world and narratives focusing on human types and societal norms and aberrations figure prominently in her work in enamel and sculpture. She is recently retired from teaching and is a full time practitioner of her craft.

Smith’s pieces begin as a graphic design which is worked and re-worked to develop the most concise expression of the concept. Design elements such as line weight, color, and pattern are translated into silver thickness, resin tint, and wood grain. Recently Smith has begun working with a new non-toxic casting resin made from soybeans and peanuts, which he tints with non-toxic painter’s pigments.


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