Chuck Fischer

Artist Statement

My work is composed of textured abstractions encompassing a broad spectrum of color and materials where the layering runs deep. One can get lost in the meditative mazes created through the repetitive use of independent abstract forms like one can lose oneself in a piece of music. I intuitively fuse disparate elements together in an expressive counterpoint, as I simultaneously combine multiple textured parts, each forming an individual statement while harmonizing with each other.


I possess a strong belief in the Bauhaus’ fundamental theory of creating total works of art, in which all the arts, including architecture and design, exist on equal footing. I use copper and aluminum as the foundation materials for both my mixed media constructions and sculptural assemblages as I create, a reflective conversation, both literal and emotional, with each piece. Breaking the boundaries of a two-dimensional art practice, I use the inherent motion encompassed in geometric shapes to act as the portal to unexpected dialogue and interpretation. I trust, intuition, chance, and the materials at hand to resolve the use of the perfect geometric shape with imperfect, abstracted elements to create works of truth and harmony.