Meet the Artists

"I continue to explore the object for the table. Balancing form, function, and subject matter is a process of ever-changing reflection and growth. Many pieces include elements of carefully selected vintage flatware. Through this work, I have designed new objects that reflect our past."

"In this body of work, I explore the beauty, suspension, and progression of decay. The stones represent a raw power that has been contained to a man-made artifact. Not strong enough to contain it, the raw power of the stone begins to destroy the artifact. Stitching and incantations try to delay its destruction, but the entropy of the artifact is inevitable."

"This work represents ongoing discoveries not only about myself but also how simple found objects, a word, word phrases, song lyrics, poems, and life experiences influence my creative process."

"I have made and used objects since I was a kid. Over time my interests have evolved from my earliest experiences in working with materials, (wood, metal, paper, clay…), to allow me to pursue craft, design, and technology, functional objects, and the built environment. We live in a world of objects that serve as catalysts for experiences. As designers and makers we must seek to transcend the object to communicate ideas and to be meaningful in a relationship with the user."

"My philosophy is to use reclaimed materials to build works that are well-made with good materials and design--tomorrow's antiques today. This approach has lead me in the direction of patch-working metals together to form whole units, not unlike the patchwork quilts that exemplify folk art. I call this technique "segmenting," and it allows me to use 97% of my materials (in weight) in the process." 

"We gather much of our inspiration and energy from working in the garden. In the mild weather and summer we spend a part of each day caring for our beds of annuals and perennials checking on each and every plant. During the winter we turn our attention indoors to nurturing our orchids and ferns and forcing our indoor bulbs. We eagerly await the day in the spring when the crocus awaken and pop their heads out of the ground. We love the anticipation. It becomes clear to us how poets, composers, writers and artists have for centuries found the garden to be inspirational."

"The objects I make are the result of an exploration of concept, form, line, surface, and function combined with thoughtful design and exacting craftsmanship. They are also the result of my appreciation and fascination with materials--specifically with steel. Whether used alone or with other materials, I am drawn to steel’s industrial history, working properties, methods of joinery, and range of finishes. When heated in the forge, steel moves like clay, allowing this tough material to be transformed into graceful shapes."


19046 Old Detroit Road

Rocky River, OH 44116


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Tuesday-Friday: 11am-6pm

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