Fox Nicely 

Artist Statement

"I make functional pottery for daily use. My work is simple; using understatement to allow these pots to fit into people’s everyday lives. The dynamic surfaces that surround these forms are evidence of the chaotic and visceral process of atmospheric firing, and they invite the user to explore the object in a state of contemplative discovery. These pots are meant to reward use by showing evidence of my mindful consideration in making, and by doing so, encourage the user to be more mindful in the use of the objects in their daily lives in an increasingly intangible and disposable world."


Fox Nicely is a potter native to Northeast Ohio. He has spent the past six years pursuing his love of functional pottery and honing his skills with the traditional processes used to make it. During his time at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Fox developed an interest in the process of wood-firing pottery and has since become an active member in Cleveland’s wood-fire community. After graduating with a BFA in ceramics in 2018, Fox has worked on the staff as Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in Newcastle, ME, and he currently lives in Mentor, OH while making work at BRICK Ceramic +Design Studio.