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 Ara Hamamjian


A. George Hamamjian 1972

The Framer

Ara Hamamjian is the proud owner of River Gallery. Ara's parents founded the gallery in 1970, and Ara grew up enveloped in his parents' love for the arts and their legendary dedication to their custom picture framing workshop. After receiving a degree from The Ohio State University, Ara enrolled himself in The Framing Academy of San Francisco in 1989 to professionally augment his already extensive knowledge about picture framing. Having considered it a second home already, Ara purchased River Gallery from his parents in 1994. 2019 marked Ara's 25th anniversary at the helm of the gallery and 30 year anniversary of being a professional framer.

Our Framing Services

Our framing process is designed to give you the best experience when looking for a custom, handcrafted picture frame. We ensure quality framing that will preserve and protect the desired piece. We specialize in archival picture framing, family picture framing, and various memorabilia. River Gallery Arts owner Ara Hamamjian will help you through choosing the perfect framing system and overall presentation for your treasures as well as include the free installation of your piece. And with the rest of the framing materials being archival, your art will be beautiful for generations to come!

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  • French Matting

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