Transition #22 24_x48_.jpeg

Jeff Yost


Landscape images are important to me in the way that seeing the representation of a place outside my body stirs my feelings on the inside. In the past few years I have assigned value to these images based on the emotions felt rather than to articulating any certain place. I pour over the photographs I’ve collected from where I’ve lived, I go through my old plain air work; or observational on-site paintings, and I conjure the images of places that have mattered to me. These memories of things like where I grew up or where something life-changing happened to me are the most important, I draw on them to convey a meaning and a mood.  

    My intent is for the color and tone to carry the emotional message of an image, I have worked on refining the shapes of nature, quieting and subtracting from them, to create an atmosphere of meditation and simplicity. This is where the meeting point of my personal connection to the painting can mingle and exist with a more universal emotive conveyance to the viewer. If I have ever experienced love, joy, loss, connection or disconnection, they have always occurred in this place, but they are not necessarily of it.  The paintings are there to occupy the space in between.

The Veil 36_x64_.jpeg