Jennifer Wells

Artist Statement

I have chosen wire as a way to explore expressing form and movement through the value of lines. I work with the wire as though drawing in space, relaying an association to stitches and weavings. Creating three-dimensional forms, patterns, designs, and line segments that when put together become a patchwork of my visual library and life experiences.
In the collection Textures of Life, wire forms have been paired with enamel plates, allowing for the continuation of line work across media. The enameled pieces allow me to further explore line and color within the piece, adding layers to the narrative that exist within the work.
For jewelry I move between iron wire, sterling silver and gold. The iron wire is often coated in enamel allowing for me to incorporate color into the pieces and at the same time, give the wire rigidness combined with the rich history of enamel. Pairing the enameled iron wire with metal sheet fabrication permits me to further explore line and form within the piece. Within the sterling silver and gold pieces, I focus solely on the wire and use it to create forms that move the viewer’s eye around them. Through the play of positive, negative and implied lines, I am able to capture glimpses of moments to which anyone may relate.
For the body, the wall, or a pedestal my work contains narrative moments from daily life experiences.


Jennifer Wells, MFA, in Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design. She has completed artist-in- residencies at:  Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN, Pocosin Arts in Columbia, NC and the Jentel  Foundation near Banner, WY and has worked for several U.S based Craft Schools, in a variety of roles.  

As an educator, Jennifer has taught for and been a visiting Artist at Universities throughout the U.S and  for study abroad programs based in Italy. She serves on the Board of Vita Institute and teaches short  workshops on various enameling and metalsmithing techniques throughout Europe and the U.S. In recent  years she has curated multiple international exhibitions focused on jewelry and enameling. 

Her work is in the collections of the Enamel Arts Foundation, the Racine Museum, the All Russian  Museum of Decorative Arts and Private Collections.