Kristin Schoonover


Kristin Schoonover, previously Kristin Benyo,  grew up on Long Island, then attended Alfred University where she graduated in 2001 with a BFA in ceramics.  Soon after graduating, she relocated to Asheville, NC where she began her pottery business in 2004.  Currently, she maintains a studio in Asheville's River Arts District.  Her work can be found at Clayspace Co-op in the Wedge Building.  

Kristin creates her work by wheel throwing and hand-building.  Most of the time spent on each piece is on the surface decoration.  All of the colors are added using thick slips that she creates with colored clay pigments.  A background color is painted on, then hand-cut paper stencils are applied with a contrasting colored slip painted on top.  All pieces are dipped in a clear glaze and fired to cone 6 in her electric kiln.