Marc Petrovic

Artist Statement

I have the heart of an artist but the soul of a craftsman. The common thread of my work is identity. How identity is often influenced by geography, experience, and the things that find us while we are out searching. I like to say glass is magical, but it is not magic—until it is infused with an idea, my job as an artist is not done. The individual is represented by animals and objects in my work. In my longest running series, Navigators, sculpted glass boats are juxtaposed against maps. The boats are metaphors for travelers, accumulating ballast on the journey through life. Birds allow me to examine relationships, home and family. Attention to the small details like the turn of a head or a lifted wing, bring them to life. My Avian Series takes a closer look at identity on the cellular level as I pixelate, deconstruct, and then reconstruct a bird.  They are built, much like we are, one piece or experience at a time. I pixelate by making my own murrini, which I assemble and fuse into abstract patterned tablets that are actually fully deconstructed birds. I transform them through my own “hot-origami” blown and sculpting process into sentient birds.


Marc earned a BFA with a major in glass and minor in metals from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1991. There he met his wife, and fellow glass artist Kari Russell-Pool. The pair went on to share a studio, two children and a host of beloved dogs. They currently reside in Euclid after trading the Connecticut coast for the shores of Lake Erie. He is currently undertaking a restoration of a 1957 Chris Craft Runabout—restoring what he can and rebuilding what he must. His work can be seen in numerous public and private collections such as the Corning Museum of Glass and the Museum of Art and Design in NY, and the Tacoma Museum of Glass in WA. Marc was named a recipient of the Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award for the years 2017 and 2021. www.marcpetrovic.com