Maria Pujana

About the Artist

Each piece of jewelry in the Maria Pujana line is made by hand of the finest natural materials including gold, silver, gemstones, coral, amber and pearls. For daytime and evening wear, the line includes an extensive array of individually crafted jewelry designs to fit any occasion.  Maria also transforms and redesigns old, forgotten or antique pieces into unique creations to fit individual styles, personalities and tastes.


"Especially popular right now in Europe as well as the US is any type of jewelry that looks international or exotic," said
Pujana. "My collection features rich, colorful stones that
reflect the cultures of places. Jewelry speaks an international language, and people every where express their personalities through the pieces they wear. We make it easy by offering a wide selection of choices -- from a bride's simple string of pearls to an inspired amber sapphire choker," she said. "There's something for everyone." Maria J. Pujana, M.D.

Maria's collection has accessorized many prestigious European Fashion Show collections including the "Pasarela Ci beles Fashion Show" in Madrid Spain.
Philanthropy is central to her mission as a designer. Maria Pujana often donates special pieces from her collection to raise financial support for organizations and issues that are important to her. Most notably, on September 27, 2000 Maria donated a piece of her jewelry collection to Benefit "Casa del nifio" in Washington DC. "Casa del nifio" is a project of Oscar De La Renta in favor of orphan children in the Dominican Republic. Maria attended the "Christmas in September Luncheon" and presented her donation to Oscar De La Renta in this event.