Melissa O'Brien

Artist Statement

I enjoy designing and creating jewelry that is understated, elegant, modern, and wearable. I make each piece by hand, and strive to create pieces that are casual enough to wear with jeans, but elegant enough to wear for an evening out. 
I get excited by the act of creating and the process of transforming an idea into something real that can be held in your hand. Rarely do I start with a concrete idea, I prefer to allow the creative process to happen organically. I am most inspired with shaping and forming and the use of positive and negative space. It is not unusual for me to work on multiple pieces at a time, I find that the time away from a piece can give me a fresh perspective. 

My designs, which are all hand fabricated, are made predominately in sterling silver, copper, and semi-precious stones. I enjoy each phase of the fabrication process. I handcraft the majority of the components of my jewelry, I do purchase chains and some clasps. I enjoy creating something out of nothing, it motivates me to keep pushing myself and trying new things.