Michael High

Artist Statement

"Art is my foundation to explore and express how the natural world shapes and is shaped by the human experience. Clay speaks to me like no other media. Strength and texture combine into organized shapes and random attitudes that enables me to reveal my world.

My connection to clay stems from its relationship to the earth. This simple material touches everyone everyday. As an artist, this is my bridge to allow the viewer to connect to and experience my narratives.

When I work with clay, it feels alive with raw elements of the natural world. My primary interest is manipulation of materials in the wet state. I often wish pieces could be frozen in that stage to hold the spontaneity of my ideas. I embrace and incorporate the flaws and cracks that occur naturally with clay in the creation of ceramic piece. I strive to balance refinement to maintain visual cues to reveal the artist’s hand.


While ceramics is my primary medium, my experience spans graphic design, printmaking, collage, and drawing. I work to merge different materials to explore light and dark, thought and emotion, abstract and process. My art embraces the psychological side of the human experience by using animal imagery to elicit responses that would otherwise be disconcerting if the piece were in human form. I refine through process to show inner thought with a visceral impact in three dimensions while simultaneously commingling all forms of art."