"Endless Time"

Acrylic and graphite on canvas 

60h x 48w

Daydreams - The Art of Patty Flauto

The Art of Patty Flauto is an investigation of how the process of creating abstract art acts as a bridge between the task-oriented brain (conscious) and the imagination (sub-conscious). Visuals emerge as a result of the artist’s discovery and departure of her unique inner experience. The strong compositions, colors and shapes in this show invite the viewer to pause and interpret. Impression overshadows realism, creating a dialogue between artist and viewer. Layers of meaning allow for thought, escape and a sense of satisfaction.


All artist proceeds will be donated to Providence House, a local non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children and supporting families in crisis. 

About the Artist

Patty Flauto is a painter and printmaker living in Rocky River, Ohio. Creativity runs through her work and her life with an unending passion for color and design. Ms. Flauto has exhibited nationally. Her work has appeared in The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Butler Institute of American Art and countless galleries.  She is an exhibitor and active supporter of the arts in Northeast Ohio. She received her MFA from Kent State University and her BFA from Youngstown State University. Visit pattyflautofineart.com for more information.

"Glorious Spring"

By Patty Flauto 

Color is a universal language. It speaks to all of us. Color can transcend spoken language and allow us to experience emotion. Our shared love of color connects us. 

It is powerful! Studies show that color is the first thing that we see when we look at something. Within 90 seconds you will respond to color and make judgment about what you see. 

Color is my passion. It is also the portal into my painting process. How to start a painting? Start with color and the start will be good. Color gets me to show up no matter how loudly procrastination calls.


Color is rich language that I am still learning and hope that is always the case. To know everything about color is to be done and I don't want to be done. 


19046 Old Detroit Road

Rocky River, OH 44116


Open Hours

Tuesday-Friday: 11am-6pm

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