Sharon Sheinbart

Artist Statement

I have always been captivated by dogs. They are amazing animals, bringing us comfort, joy, peace, help, safety and companionship. They make the world a better place. The unparalleled connection between human and canine is inspirational— in my art and my life.

As a child I wasn’t allowed a dog, so my pet turtle became my dog. We went everywhere together; turtle memories were my initial inspiration for sculpting.

In working with clay, my goal is to capture the emotions and expressions conveyed through their faces; their hopeful, comforting and sometimes pleading eyes. The enormous variety of dog breeds provides an endless supply of inspiration. I truly enjoy sculpting them, as well as bringing happiness to those who enjoy seeing them.

Sharon received a BFA from Cleveland Institute of Art. She has exhibited in juried local and regional shows. Her love of animals and nature lead the way in all of her work.