Sumiko Takada

Artist Statement

"I create functional and decorative pieces that I want to use and display myself.


Though I was born and raised in a region rich in Japanese ceramics history and tradition; cities like Seto, Tokoname, and Tajimi are near by, there were occasions I could not find pieces of the shapes, sizes and decorations I needed or liked. That’s why I started making my own pieces.


Motifs of my inlaid designs came from various sources but it seems to be influenced most from traditional Japanese geometric and floral patterns found in many common objects people use in their lives.


Designs are first carved into leather-hard ware that was wheel-thrown and then filled with colored slips. Excess slips are cleaned off before the bisque firing. Prior to the glaze firing the pieces are sanded once more.


I would be very happy if our pieces can bring enjoyment to people who use them."

9_Inlaid Vase - 03012.jpg