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Kaname Takada

Artist Statement

"My immediate reaction to a beautiful piece is to touch it. It is an emotional reaction rather than analytical observation. I would like my pieces to cause the same kind of effect on the viewer.


In my work I am trying to bring various physical and visual elements such as shape, scale, and color into a visual harmony. For a piece to be successful all elements have to work together as a unit. Among many elements the organic patterns/textures created by glazes, and geometric patterns made with slips are the two of the essential elements of my current series of work.


Recently geometric patterns are increasingly becoming an essential part of my work; I think they are more controlled version of patterns made by textured glazes I used to use often. Whether patterns are made of geometric shapes or textures, they possess same quality as both patterns are made up of repeated simple images. There is something appeal to me that each shape by itself is not interesting at all but with being repeated they creates stimulating images. 


Even though Art is increasingly becoming a theory-oriented field and art objects becoming investment commodities, I consider my pieces as sensuous objects as I would like the viewer to feel them by both sight and touch. It would be my great pleasure if the viewer can enjoy and appreciate my work rather than understand it.


My work succeeds when it makes the viewer want to touch and feel it."

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