A Painter and Ceramicist

Michael Guinane and Justin Paik Reese


A Painter and Ceramicist 

Opening Saturday June 25th, 3 - 6pm 
Closing July 31st, 2022

River Gallery is excited to announce the opening of A Painter and Ceramicist! The exhibition will feature new works from painter Michael Guinane and ceramicist Justin Paik Reese. Meet the artists during the opening reception Saturday, June 25th from 3-6pm, at River Gallery.

Michael Guinane is an impressionistic painter that creates atmospheres for the viewer to feel. Whether it be a still and quiet moment of an individual, or capturing the total environment created by multiple figures in one place, his work allows you to see deeper into the subject.

Bold and imaginative, Justin Paik Reese's work seeks to evoke thought and question, tugging at the viewer to experience something odd. This new body of work is inspired 90's pop culture, retro video games, old school sports figures, and architecture.

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Justin Paik Reese

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River Gallery is dedicated to supporting the revival and continuance of Cleveland area arts and artists. The gallery shows everything from contemporary to traditional style paintings, works in metals, blown glass, ceramics, photography, and jewelry fabrications. 

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