Evening Greeting 30_x48_
Transition #22 24_x48_
Transition #21 24_x48_
The Distant 30_x48_.
The Veil 36_x64_
Nocture #32 24_x48_
Open and Close 24_x48_
Passage 24_x48_
Awake 48_x36_
Jeff Yost
Chris Keener
Matthew Smith
Agnes Seebass
Melissa O'Brien
Michelle Pajak-Reynolds
Lisa Colby
Pamela Argentieri
Jennifer Surine
Maria Pujana
Sarah Krisher

Curated by River Gallery Owner G. Ara Hamajian 

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River Gallery is dedicated to supporting the revival and continuance of Cleveland area arts and artists. The gallery shows everything from contemporary to traditional style paintings, works in metals, blown glass, ceramics, photography, and jewelry fabrications. 

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